"Patrick's Perspective" are the thoughts, musings and ruminations of Elder Patrick S. McKay Sr. of the Zarahemla Branch. They are always thought provoking and supportive of the gospel as it is found in the Reorganization and are therefore presented here for your perusal and thoughtful consideration. Their stated purpose follows.
                                                                                                                               -- Editor

"Patrick's Perspective is published periodically and is sent, free of charge, to anyone who would like to receive it. Any portion of the newsletter may be reproduced without permission. Its purpose is to enlarge its readers' understanding and appreciation of the angel message."

Recent Perspectives

The Keystone
Issue #10 - April 2003
Branches, Conferences, and Districts
Issue #9 - November 2002

As a Young Lion Among the Flocks of Sheep
Issue #8 - September 2002

Past Perspectives

Issue #7 - June 2002
The Keys of the Ministering of Angels
Issue #6 - August 1993
Prophetic Preaching
Issue #5 - June 1993

Issue #4 - April 1993

The Hastening Time is Upon Us
Issue #3 - March 1993

Come Quickly, Lord Jesus
Issue #2 - January 1993
The Virgin Birth
Issue #1 - December 1992