The Divine Purpose Today .... Bob Moore

Ever since Adam disobeyed God and forsook His presence, the Almighty has been engaged in the work of restoration. Through the redemption of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, wrought from the foundation of the world, God has been engaged in restoring creation to Himself Not only is He returning lost souls to His presence, but He is restoring wayward nations to His rule. When the old world preferred every sinful imagination to the solemnities of eternity and rejected the invitation of repentance preached by Noah, it was drowned in the flood so God could restore righteousness on a renewed earth. After the nations that were scattered at Babel corrupted true religion, God called Abraham, authorized Moses and led the Hebrews into the promised land to establish His holy nation and procure a peculiar people for His pleasure. Like previous generations, those separated and summoned by divine power slowly stiffened their necks and hardened their hearts toward righteousness until they neglected its discipline and lost its rewards. Scattered about the globe their descendants await the consummation of the divine covenants anciently made to their progenitors, which will be fulfilled when Jesus returns in glory to rule Ins kingdom triumphantly established on earth.

The divine blessings attending the Hebrews were not enough to prepare them to continue as citizens of the holy city. To populate His kingdom on earth God had to transform sinners into saints. He needed more than miracles and oracles to do this. He needed a redeemer. The work of restoration in the meridian of time centered on the birth, ministry and death of our Savior, who, taking upon himself the sins of the world, opened the way into heavenly places for all those trusting him enough to confess and obey him. Through his grace anyone lost in sin can be washed and prepared to eternally dwell in the presence of the holy Father. Rescued and freed from the corruption of this life, they can bask in the peace, joy and security of God's celestial kingdom in the life to come, and, while still in this life, be transformed by the reception of the Holy Spirit into bastions of goodness, equity and righteousness. Those following the Savior are remade. They become new creatures, images of the only begotten, sons and daughters of God. Changed from their old nature, they are prepared to abide in the righteous kingdom God called the ancients to inhabit. The gospel of Jesus Christ invites people into a way of life that would make them citizens for the holy city if it were established on earth during their lives and will lift them to the holy city in the life to come.

Despite the efforts of our Savior to secure our salvation, the world rejected him. It was not interested in building a holy city when he appeared. His accusers tried, convicted and crucified him. After his resurrection, when his disciples were sent to preach his gospel throughout the world, governors, magistrates and even Caesars opposed them. Christians were tortured and martyred because they followed another king As members of another kingdom, they were considered enemies of the state. Today the nations of the earth still refuse to submit to the authority of Christ. The kingdoms of this world have not become the kingdom of our God and His son. Legislatures, judges, presidents and monarchs do not yield their dominion to the King of Kings. No political jurisdiction embraces and enforces all his ordinances. God has promised that His son will establish His will on earth as he has secured it in heaven. He will do in the flesh everything he has done in the spirit. All nations must be restored to his sovereignty so that the peoples of the earth can be governed in time as they will be governed in eternity. Jesus must reign on earth as he reigns in heaven. These things will be accomplished when the holy city is established and the Savior descends to it to rule this world in truth and justice. The temporal salvation of nations, like the spiritual redemption of mankind, depends not on men, but on the Christ. The kingdoms of this world will continue to resist his dominion. He must personally appear to secure his holy kingdom. Until then, his invitation will be ignored and defamed by many. The work of restoration in these last days centers on the descent of the Savior as he brings the hosts of heaven to those faithful enough to him during a day of wickedness and vengeance to flee worldly lusts and administrations. God is presently engaged in inviting all the people of the world to come to Him and prepare for the glorious return of His son and the righteous kingdom that will be establish on earth under his rule.