Zarahemla Branch Testimony .....

In that dark and cloudy day when the church was being fragmented and its members scattered, the Reorganization called saints from wayward paths and assured them that the seed of Joseph would shortly come to lead them. When Joseph Smith III took his father's place, he invited all the scattered saints "to arise and shake off the sleep" and "unite once more for the emancipation of the honest in heart from the power of false doctrine's and the shackles of sin."

In our day the church is fragmenting and the saints are scattering. Some are following false hopes, while others have lost all hope for the redemption of Zion. Meanwhile, too many are now trapped in worldliness where they reap the effects of doubt and immorality. We invite all to come to Christ, to embrace the open arms of the Savior. Jesus raises his people from the pit of despair and cleanses them from the stain of sin. He restores their hope and renews their faith.

We testify that, like before, the Lord will comfort latter-day Israel by bringing forth the seed of Joseph. This prophet will preside over the Reorganized Church, gather the saints, and redeem Zion. We invite all honest and upright souls, who love the restored gospel, to turn from the attractions of this world and unite under this promise. The time for the completion of God's work is near. He who both created and purchased his church shall soon arise to rescue it from its confusion and division.

Jesus Is Our Savior

Life is full of pressures and stress that take our minds from our real purpose in life. Bills to pay, family obligations, and work requirements keep all of us busy, sometimes too busy. We can become so caught up in pursuing what we want that we become self-centered or cruel, forgetting that we were made by God and placed here on earth for his purpose.

While our lives are hectic and sometimes fraught with sorrow or tragedy, eternal life in the presence of God is filled with peace and joy. We cannot abide his presence now because our tendency to live selfishly would corrupt his holy abode. We are shut out from the place of eternal happiness and do not even know it.

Jesus came to earth to save us from our mortal condition. God's only begotten son died on the cross and, in so doing, paid the price for our sinful nature. Since he was sinless, death had no power on him and he rose from the dead. His resurrection opened a door into heavenly abodes, making it possible for each person to enter there.

Once ascended, Jesus sat down beside the Father to make intercession for those who seek them, pleading their cause and transforming their lives. Soon, he will descend and reign among his people.

Have you experienced the saving grace of Jesus? Has his Spirit helped transform your life? Do you have a faith-building fellowship in which to seek and worship your Savior? We invite you to worship with us; to praise the Father for the love expressed through his son; to prepare for residence in celestial glory; and to help build up his kingdom on earth.

God Is Alive

The past few decades have seen some remarkable changes: computers, space exploration, organ transplants, cell phones, the Internet. These changes are frightening for some, but a wonderful blessing for most. We live healthier, more informed and diverse lives.

At the beginning of our scientific age some people proposed that God was dead. They saw human knowledge pushing back the veil of ignorance and superstition until enlightened nations created universal peace and contentment. But education did not make our lives more peaceful or content. Violence, abuse, and crime threaten our security. Drugs and sexual license erase our children's innocence. Divorce weakens our family units. Every benefit seems to carry an insidious side-effect that undermines virtue and frustrates happiness.

The problem is not science or the benefits it provides, but our notion that God is dead or irrelevant. As long as we neglect our heavenly Father and the gospel of his son, we ignore the solution to life's urgent problems. It is not that God has become too small for modem people, but that modem people have become too proud for God.

The ancient Bible prophets said that God's hand is not too short to save (Is 59: 1), but we have forgotten the old paths (Jer 6:16). The traditional tenets of the gospel are the principles that contain sufficient power to solve our worse difficulties. We invite you to embrace the traditional teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We invite you to worship with us where the traditional principles of the gospel are taught and honored.

We Believe

  1. That, Jesus is the only begotten son of the Father, born of the virgin Mary, that he might be both God and man.

  2. That, Jesus died on the cross for our sins and opened a way for believers to enter eternal life.

  3. That, as the Savior was lifted up by man on the cross, he will raise up all mankind after death to stand before the Father and be judged of their works.

  4. That, all those who repent and witness it in baptism will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. It they endure in this condition, Jesus will hold them blameless at the last day.

  5. That, God made a promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that he would gather their descendants into a holy nation in the last days, where they would be prepared for the return and reign of the Savior.

  6. That, God set aside America as the site for his latter‑day holy kingdom and led many devout believers to the new land where they could complete the Reformation and find a purified church.

  7. That, God called and authorized Joseph Smith to bring the church out of the wilderness so that it could gather latter‑day Israel, renew their ancient covenant, and prepare them for the Savior's return.

  8. That, the native Americans are a portion of the lost tribes of Israel whose forefathers knew God and wrote their story. The Book of Mormon is a portion of their history.

  9. That, God will shortly judge those who fight against his kingdom, which judgment will cause Babylon to fall.

  10. That, the holy kingdom will be and those who obey the gospel will find residence in it in both time and eternity.

True Traditions

We believe that the tenets of the gospel of Jesus Christ as traditionally taught in the Reorganization are Biblically accurate and intellectually irrefutable. Perhaps you once actively participated in its fellowship and have become disheartened. Perhaps you have always wanted to investigate its teachings. Perhaps you want to learn of Jesus. We invite you to worship with us and experience the blessings attending those who honor and embrace the latter-day message.

God restored his authority to earth, so that faithful and obedient people could enjoy the blessings of his Spirit and bask in its life‑giving light. Thousands believed and obeyed. Their hearts were changed and their souls edified. Although surrounded by cynics and sometimes criticized for their beliefs, they enjoyed the manifestations of the Spirit: prophesy, healings, miracles, tongues, visions -- so that they knew that their hopes were not in vain.

These blessings continue. We have seen the Holy Spirit provide strength, aid, support, and direction to his people, sometimes in marvelous ways.

The hope of the kingdom as traditionally taught by the Reorganization is not a futile imagination. The Holy Spirit witnesses to us of its surety. The gospel of Jesus Christ will ultimately achieve its divinely appointed goal. It will prepare a people willing to receive our Savior when he returns to his kingdom set up on earth.

We invite you to investigate and embrace (or re-embrace) the restored gospel. It is the power of God unto salvation, lifting the fallen, sustaining the weak, and renewing the disheartened.