Committee for Apologetics Research and Education (CARE) Papers  
CARE is a volunteer committee of Restoration believers dedicated to defending the traditional beliefs of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS), by providing solid answers to critics of the Reorganization and educating the Saints on matters of faith, history, and doctrine.

Priesthood: Past and Present
By: Bob Moore (Released - 2/23/2003)

What the Inspired Version Is
By: Bob Moore (Released - 4/21/2003)
Bible Prophecies about the Book of Mormon
By: Bob Moore (Released - 5/18/2002)
First Vision: Another Perspective
By: Bob Bobbitt (Released - 5/21/2002)
Why Baptize?
By: Bob Bobbitt (Released - 1/16/2003)
The Book of Commandments vs The Doctrine and Covenants
By: Patrick McKay Sr. (Released - 1/16/2003)