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The Road to Liberation

Couched in the notion of ministry to the underprivileged, "marginalized," citizens of Latin America are the anti-capitalist writings of a Peruvian Jesuit, Father Gustavo Gutierrez. His Marxist based thoughts and writings eventually lead to the Sandinista uprising in Nicaragua and have contributed to the anti-capitalist, anti-American sentiments still extant in numerous organizations in Central and South America today. Gutierrez's new praxis is known as "Liberation Theology." In Bob Moore's latest book, The Road to Liberation, read how Liberation Theology and its "base communities" has impacted the Reorganization and provided a basis for the transformation of the Reorganized Church into the Community of Christ.

[Bob Moore / Paperback, 77pp. / Mooremark / January 2002]

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The Restitution

"The work of God is somehow entwined in the mission of this nation. ... Because it is uniquely related to divine purposes God has favored it with a multitude of choice blessings. He has protected it from its enemies by granting power and might. He has multiplied its resources, giving it wealth and prosperity. He has extended His wisdom, honoring it with prestige and respect. The exceptional bounty bestowed from His hand testifies of a divine purpose for the United States. God has a plan for America."

These are some of the opening words of this marvelous book. By reading it you will discover how the salvation of spiritual Israel is inseparably tied to the destiny of America.

[Bob Moore / Paperback, 364pp. / Mooremark / 1993]

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The Personal Writings of Joseph Smith

What would it have been like to know the Prophet Joseph Smith? Countless Church members have asked themselves that question. Though books written about the Prophet may shed light on his character and personality, nowhere do we find a clearer picture of him than in his own writings.

This volume, now updated and revised, collects the personal writings of Joseph Smith – those written in his own hand or dictated to a scribe – and includes photographs of the original documents. His journal entries, letters and other documents reveal the true character of the Prophet: his humility, his unwavering loyalty to his family and friends, his love of life, his commitment to the Church, and his deep spiritualty and desire to do the will of the Savior, whose servant he was.

Readers will share Joseph's joys and sorrows, understand the price he paid for truth, and realize that here, indeed, was a prophet of God.

[Dean C. Jessee / Hardback, 751pp. / Deseret Book / 2002]

Early History of the Reorganization

Through biographical sketches of his own experiences as a devoted missionary, Apostle Briggs provides much valuable information about the Chruch during the time the Saints were reorganizing in 1852 and after. Edmund, who was a younger brother of Jason Briggs, was the Church's first missionary in Utah. The book bears a strong testimony of the divinity of the Church.

[Edmund C. Briggs / Paperback, 311pp. / Price Publishing Company / 1998]


Joseph Smith III - Pragmatic Prophet

Winner of the Evans Biography Award and the John Whitmer Association Best Book Award

"An important appraisal of the man who guided the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for more than half a century... Well written and well researched; for all academic libraries." -- Library Journal

[Roger D. Launius / Paperback, 424pp. / University of Illinois Press / October 1995]

The Memoirs of President Joseph Smith III

Edited by his daughter, Mary Audentia Smith Anderson, Joseph III's memoirs appeared in the Saints' Herald, November 6, 1934 - July 31, 1937. This biography of the eldest son of Joseph and Emma Smith is rich in Church history and inspiring testimonies of the divinity of the Church and gospel. It offers insights and guidance for the Church of today and tomorrow.

[Joseph Smith III / Hardcover, 507pp. / Price Publishing Company / 2001]


Into The Latter Day Light

John J. Cornish was a simple man with a plain faith. He believed the gospel with all his heart and told the story in a way that touched hearts and converted many. His testimonies were dynamic, zestful, humorous and convincing. Discover in this, his autobiography, how he was an instrument in the hands of the Almighty performing many miracles, raising up congregations, and baptizing more than fifteen hundred people. Marvel at the spiritual power manifested in his humble ministry. A true servant.

[John J. Cornish / Paperback, 202pp. / Price Publishing Company / 1986]


The Autobiography of Joseph Luff

In the pages of this book the reader is led through the life of Apostle Luff, and senses his earnestness of purpose and his adherence to the gospel, no matter how trying the circumstances. A must for all libraries of Church families.

[Joseph Luff / Paperback, 377pp. / Price Publishing Company / 1998]


Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright

An analysis of the prophecies of the Scriptures in regard to the "Royal Family of Judah" and the "Many Nations of Israel," the Lost Ten Tribes. An excellent reference to begin studying the origins and history of the Lost Tribes.

[J. H. Allen / Hardcover, 377pp. / Destiny Publishers / 1917 (recent printing)]

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Our Sacred Honor

We live in a time when the practice of representative government in the United States of America is under siege from both the left and the right. Scandals abound. We are first shocked, then wearied, to learn that our national leaders have feet of clay. We live in a time, in short, which demands that we return to our origins to discover the common principles that make us essentially American. Our Sacred Honor reveals those common principles. They are articulated by the flawed but deeply admirable men and women who first wrote what it is to be American. The pledge made by the Founders to one another that hot July day in 1776—the pledge of "our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor"—has been redeemed many times in the centuries since, but the nation they founded has never failed to profit from their example. The stories, songs, letters, and speeches collected in Our Sacred Honor are an inspiring celebration of American exceptionalism, produced by a collection of exceptional Americans. It is the best book of advice in more than two hundred years.

[William J. Bennett / Hardcover, 384pp. / Simon & Schuster / October 1997]

The Light and the Glory

Never before has the saga of the founding of America been told from the point of view that God had a plan for this country, and that He intervened repeatedly to ensure that it had a chance of coming to pass. This is the story of the discovery of that plan, and how it dramatically affects the conventional view of our nation's history -- and purpose.

[Peter Marshall, David Manuel / Hardcover, 384pp. / Fleming H Revell Co / July 1977]

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Original Intent

Discover how the United States Supreme Court has reinterpreted the Constitution, diluting the Biblical foundations upon which it was based. Filled with hundreds of the Founders’ quotes revealing their beliefs on the role of religion in public affairs, the proper role of the courts, the intended limited scope of federal powers. States’ rights, and numerous other current issues.

[David Barton / Paperback, 540pp. / Wallbuilder Pr / July 1997]

The Rewriting of America's History

If you are an American - or a friend of America - and care deeply about the spiritual foundation of this glorious land. The Rewriting of America's History may well be one of the most significant books you will ever read.  ... God is being systematically removed from the foundational truths undergirding this land. This book depicts the alarming reality of the methods employed in the rewriting of America's  history. (From the back cover.)

[Catherine Millard / Paperback, 462pp. / Christian Publications / July 1991]

Show Me God

Science supports the fact that God created the world? Yes! Filled with stories, scientific theories, and interviews with leading astronomers, this on-your-level book shows how cosmology clearly points to a creator. You'll get the information you need to reach today's skeptics---and to answer your own questions.

[Fred Heeren / Hardcover, 336pp. / Day Star Productions / 1997]

American Dictionary of the English Language

Noah Webster once wrote, "Education is useless without the Bible." That's why his first dictionary is the only one available today that defines every word in the original language and its biblical usage. Compare Webster's definitions of words like "marriage" and "education" with those found in modern dictionaries and see the difference for yourself!

[Noah Webster / Hardcover, 2000pp. / F.a.c.e. / Facsimile Edition]

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The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds on Prayer

For almost a century Edward McKendree Bounds's books on prayer have been classic works, stimulating and inspiring Christians to become prayer warriors. A forceful writer and very deep thinker, Bounds spent the last seventeen years of his life reading, writing, and praying. He rose at 4 A.M. daily for many years, and was indefatigable in his study of the Bible. Because Bounds so diligently practiced what he preached, he was able to capture the essence of prayer, and his works live on to call today's Christians to higher discipleship and an energetic prayer life. - from the Publisher's Preface.

[Edward M. Bounds / Paperback, 568pp. / Baker Books / 1990]